Complex Delivery and Customs Clearance Services for Import and Export Goods
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Customs clearance


By official customs representative
We will provide you with an individual calculation within 1 day
License №1521 from 15.09.22
a comprehensive and detailed commercial offer which includeS all questions of our clients
The estimated customs clearance calculation is available in Excel format

We will provide all the necessary details in the cover letter.
We will provide a detailed calculation of the customs clearance cost for your cargo within one day.
Customs Tariffs: specific duties, protective duties, trade preferences
Shipping cost (if you need complex services: customs clearance + logistics)
Broker fee
Explanation of the requirements for issuing markings or labels for goods in accordance with the TRTS or GOST system, as well as the importance of registering products under the 'Honest Sign' system for quality assurance and consumer trust.
The best delivery options for your cargo
Сomprehensive information on non-tariff regulation measures, including clear specifications of terms and options for registration.
You won’t just learn about the cost,
but you will also gain an understanding of a wide range of important issues
Why the amount of customs payments may change
Various control measures that customs may implement
What is included and excluded in final costs
Information on the nuances of goods registration and delivery for customs purposes
How several stages of Customs clearance are carried out
How imported goods should be labeled and how to properly prepare labels for customs
The rates for eco collection and packaging recycling
We offer a comprehensive range of customs clearance services
Import/export services for businesses
Product certification assistance
Control for proper marking and labeling according to TRTS and GOST regulations
Legal support for businesses in their dealings with customs authorities
Assistance with preliminary declaration in cases of short delivery times for goods
Representation of the interests of the declarant in dealings with customs authorities
Assistance of our representatives with customs inspections, inspections, sampling, phytosanitary control, and veterinary control
Analysis and consultation on the correctness of commercial documents for cargo.
What the total customs clearance cost includes
The customs clearance process for your cargo
involves the following stages of checks
General check of the customs declaration
Verification of the HS code and product description for accuracy
Verification of compliance with non-tariff regulation measures
Cost Control
The inspection and screening of declared cargoes to verify their authenticity
Goods Release
will be conducted to eliminate any errors before
submission, minimize the time required for customs
clearance and avoid additional complexities
We handle customs clearance for everything
Our team of declarants has over 10 years of experience.
Various lighting products
Chemical industry products
Leather goods
Household goods
New and used auto spare parts
Building materials
All types of technologically complex equipment and components for it
All types of food products
WE UNDERSTAND what is important to you
the declared value remains consistent
Throughout the customs clearance process. We make sure to explicitly mention any excluded expenses, such as storage, inspection, MIDT, weighing, and others in our correspondence with clients
Work experience and recommendations
Our Foreign Trade experts have over 10 years of experience in declaring even the most complex goods, and we are proud to offer references from our satisfied clients. It is possible that among them, there are those who have already imported or exported a similar product to the one you are requesting, providing valuable insight and expertise.
Keeping in touch
We assign a personal manager who will serve as your single point of contact for all communication and coordination
Awareness of the registration process
We keep our clients updated on the progress of their customs clearance process every day through regular email communication. Our emails include detailed information about the current stage of the process, the status of the cargo, and what to expect next. In the event of any unforeseen complications, we proactively offer and explore potential solutions to ensure a smooth and successful clearance process for our clients.
Four Fundamental Principles
that Guide Our Work
Immediate response
a comprehensive and detailed commercial offer
We are committed to promptly addressing any questions you may have and providing comprehensive information to help you make informed management decisions
We provide immediate and timely response without delay
Our goal as specialists is to help you navigate the customs clearance process. This includes ensuring your understanding of all provided customs procedures and highlighting any potential pitfalls that may be hidden in the customs documentation.
We do not impose on our own agenda
we strive to constantly improve the quality of our services, and we value feedback from our clients
Service quality
We will provide a detailed calculation of the customs clearance cost for your cargo within one day.
We can provide guidance and prevent any potential costs that may arise during the customs clearance and delivery of your goods.
We provide all cost calculations within one working day, and we issue 90% of goods declarations on the same day of submission
our foreign trade specialists have an average of over 10 years of experience. We are capable of issuing customs declarations for all product groups
We hold a customs license and have a deposit of 500,000 euros with customs. With over 25 years of experience, we have successfully released over 130,000 declarations for goods
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